Woman and kitchen

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Whether in literary and artistic works or in life, women and kitchens are inextricably linked, and the two are often regarded as "spokesmen" of family and warmth. For women, they have to manage their own family and take care of the family's food, clothing, and accommodation. Therefore, in addition to dressing and dressing, women also pay great attention to health.

When it comes to health, we often think of our daily diet. When we think of our kitchen, the women at home tend to cook the healthiest and safest diet for the whole family. The delicate dishes are paired with delicious food to release the day The sense of fatigue, quietly enjoy the joy brought by food, and share what you see today with your family. Regarding health, we often think about the health of the diet. Have you ever thought about the safety and health of containers (such as plates) for food?

At present, most households use plastic tableware. Plastic tableware releases toxic substances at high temperatures, affecting human health, and its non-degradable will damage the environment. Bamboo fiber tableware is relatively environmentally friendly and safe in the world. Its raw materials contain bamboo flour, corn starch and a small amount of melamine. In this product, melamine is used to shape, which is a product that can degrade. Lekoch is a brand that focuses on the development of bamboo fiber environmental protection tableware. The tableware produced by it has many types and novel styles, suitable for different ages in multiple scenes.



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