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Hey there, I’m Maya, the founder of Lekoch.

When the brand was founded, I was 40 years old and my eldest son had just started high school. We experienced the birth of the brand together, chose every raw material and made every design choice together. I knew that someday he’d go on to have a life of his own, and I treasured every moment we spent working on the brand. I’ve always believed that love is the greatest source of strength and beauty, and it was the bond of love between mother and son from which Lekoch was born, the same love that continues to guide the brand today.

So this is my story, the original intention of my brand. I look forward to hearing your stories,about your kids, about your family, about the daily... We will hold a story collection event on the occasion of Women's Day 3.8 ( International Women's Day ). Before the end of March, sending your story via our

Email: Service@lekoch.com

We will select and post stories on the official website and send our new products in 2020.Your story may be selected for our collection.

In 2020 our team is about to launch a new product, a blue and white contrasting bamboo fiber dinner plate with International Klein Blue as the main color. We use the latest technology to create its Klein Blue tableware series, and the natural patterns formed when the blue and white colors meet are unique to each piece.

In addition, we have a unique design and color matching of bamboo fiber, which will also be our activities gifts.


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