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Bamboo fiber tableware product ingredients:
Bamboo fiber, a small amount of corn starch, and other grains, about 30% of melamine.

Main ingredients: bamboo fiber
1. Bamboo fiber is a new type of energy-saving raw material, reducing carbon production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and carefully protecting the human living environment.
2. The growth cycle of bamboo is 10-20 times shorter than that of tree, which reduces the deforestation and contributes to the sustainability of resources.
3. Bamboo fiber products have simple production process, durable products and short degradation time.
4. Light weight, easy to carry, and many applications.


Ingredients people care about: Melamine (about 30%)
Learn about the melamine LEKOCH use:
100% food-grade melamine, A5 quality, non-toxic and tasteless, good raw materials for tableware in the market.

Certification test:
Our bamboo fiber dinnerware pass the LFGB test, which includes the melamine migration test. Our products are safe and healthy.

Our Factory:
Ensures high-quality workmanship, especially in this areas. Our local factories located in China. It is brand new and ultra modern, providing very good working conditions. This old plant has been operating until 2017 and has been certified to DIN ISO 9001.
Changes in melamine content of bamboo fiber products: gradually reduced from 60% -70% in 2016 to 30% in 2019. LEKOCH and the needs of the times progress together. Committed to creating a brand that integrates environmental friendly, design and life.


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