Benefits of Using Biodegradable Tableware

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What is Biodegradable?

Biodegradable refers to a product breaking down into natural elements, carbon dioxide, and water vapor by organisms like bacteria and fungi. Technically, just about everything is biodegradable, some products will biodegrade eventually, but it may take years.


Why do we need to use biodegradable tableware?

According to the UN, we produce about 300 million tons of plastic waste every year — nearly the equivalent to the weight of the entire human population — but only 14% of that is recycled. They do not biodegrade but break down into smaller micro plastics that have made their way into our food chain and the deepest trenches of our oceans. 


Tableware is commonly made of plastic, aluminum or steel. But the concern is how plastic tableware is easily disposable, which has led to vast environmental pollution by plastic cutlery.


Single-use plastic cutlery has especially become easily disposable leading to plastic pollution and environmental degradation. A most common example of plastic tableware that is readily disposed of includes straws, forks, plastic cups, and plastic plates.


As people's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, more and more people are concerned about reducing the use of plastic tableware and Single-use plastics tableware from tableware, and looking for more environmentally friendly tableware to replace. In the meantime, more companies’ vendors are committed to the development of new sustainable and biodegradable tableware.


Is bamboo tableware biodegradable?

Considering the importance of conserving the ecosystem for future generations more vendors are focusing efforts on producing dinner and serve ware from sustainable materials. Bamboo and melamine, in particular, are rising in prevalence: bamboo for its biodegradability and food grad melamine for its durable construction that encourages reuse and waste reduction.

Bamboo tableware combines the look and feel of upscale dinnerware, all while keeping the Earth & ocean in mind. Our product line is made from a by-product of bamboo manufacturing, which means after proper disposal our dinnerware will naturally return to the Earth within 2 to 5 years.


By using bamboo as raw material, bamboo tableware is processed by special high-tech technology to extract cellulose in bamboo and is made of mixed plant fiber. Because the growth of bamboo does not require various types of chemical fertilizers, it can produce negative ions, and has anti-insect and anti-bacterial properties, thus avoiding various types of pollution. Dinnerware made of Bamboo Fibre does not absorb odor nor are they easily stained; making them easy to clean and maintain. Bamboo tableware won’t break easily, lightweight and more Eco-friendly as bamboo fiber is completely bio-degradable, and as bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth, it is a sustainable and renewable form of material.


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