Do something to reduce the Co2

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On Earth, human activities are changing the natural greenhouse.

Scientists attribute the global warming trend observed since the mid-20th century to the human expansion of the "greenhouse effect".


But that said, the individual actions of everyday people are still crucial.

So what we can do?

Top 10 ways to reduce our CO2 emissions footprint:

- Make climate-conscious political decisions.

- Eat less red meat.

- Purchase “green powder”.

- Make your home and household energy efficient.

- Buy energy and water efficient appliances.

-Walk,cycle or take public transport.

- Recycle, re-use and avoid useless purchases.

- Telecommute and teleconference.

- Buy local products.

- Offset what you can’t save.


What LEKOCH is doing?

LEKOCH Bamboo fiber Series Set:

- New concept of environmental protection and low carbon

Bamboo fiber is a new energy-saving raw material, reducing carbon production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and carefully protecting the human living environment. Compared with plastic tableware, bamboo fiber tableware is more beautiful in appearance, simple and has a modern design. The natural degradable component of bamboo fiber on the material is a perfect substitute for plastic tableware products.

- Reusable

Consumption is strongly affected in life. Sustainability is quickly forgotten, and slowly growing resources such as wood or limited raw materials are often used for disposables. This not only wastes limited resources, but also generates a lot of garbage. Compared with disposable tableware, it is more environmentally friendly and safe.

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