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Trend Color of 2020

The color trend in 2020 first appeared in the fashion circle. As early as in the 2020 spring and summer series of brands such as Balenciaga, the trend of classic blue has been hinted.
Yves Klein once said: "Blue is sky, water, air, depth and infinity, freedom and life, and the most essential color of the universe." Klein Blue, the exclusive blue he named. Klein Blue returns everything to its essence, becoming the most popular color in the fashion circle in 2020.

Lekoch keeps an eye on the most popular colors now and incorporates them into bamboo fiber tableware companies. This time, lekoch bamboo fiber tableware combines the popular Klein blue in 2020, combining high-cold Klein blue with the purity of white. The two-color design and unique pattern give people a pleasant surprise. Imagine putting bamboo fiber tableware combined with Klein blue and white on a white dining table, which renders the effect as beautiful as the view of Uyuni Salt Lake. This Lekoch artistic tableware will become the perfect choice for environmental protection and fashion people. At the same time, this set of Lekoch bamboo fiber is composed of two bowls, two cups, two salad plates and two plates. It is reasonable to match, light and easy to clean, suitable for picnic, family, party, etc. Gift box design is also the best choice for gifts.

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