The Perfect Kitchen Lets You Learn to Taste Your Life

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This Story share from Arya.

Some people are jealous of their neighbors' diamond rings and premium sports cars. I was often jealous of their kitchen. I like to cook, and I spend almost all of my free time in the kitchen. I hope to have a cooking paradise: an oversized freezer; a breakfast table that can hold 20 people; precious tableware for 50 people; a double-layer oven; 6 cooker eyes and an electric stove with a barbecue.


A new friend invited us to dinner. "Big" is not enough to describe her house. At that time, my kitchen was so small that both people were too crowded. I longed for the hostess to show me the kitchen, but she led us directly into the restaurant. The tableware on the table was luxurious enough to entertain the royal family. Dinner was set up, and my curiosity grew a little bit. I want to see where these foods were born, and they must be beautiful too.

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