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Kitchen stories, I have divided them into three categories, most of them are 1. Family relationships 2. Heritage 3. Food reviews, In fact, 1 and 2 are related to emotions, but the emphasis is different.

Let's talk about affection in the kitchen today.

The first kitchen story I read was "Grandma's Taste-Beginning with Love, and Missing It" in Morimachi Minor. It's no exaggeration to say that I cried half when I saw it. In that article, the thoughts of grandmother flowed between the lines, and there was no longer any heartache and resentment for the family. That's the story of grandma and the kitchen

Everyone has the experience of choking when they arouse, but not everyone draws their thoughts into paintings, makes food, and writes articles. I sincerely hope that people's impetuous heart will be infected with this pure love, and look back at the way and regret it seems. Indeed, affection is no longer one of the most painful things in life. However, it can imitate a variety of delicious food in the kitchen, which is the uniqueness of the kitchen, which is beyond the reach of all other expressions. From this, I began to find the story of the kitchen and the woman, and I felt more than cooking was a sincere account of life.

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