The feelings of different color napkin

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Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the arrangement of tableware on the table. A good dining environment can often bring people a pleasant mood, especially the napkins with different colors on the tableware.

White napkin:

White napkins are suitable for all scenes, giving a clean, hygienic, quiet and elegant feeling, which can adjust people's visual balance and stabilize people's emotions.

Black napkin:

The black napkin symbolizes nobleness, mystery, and gives people a feeling of silence and quietness, suitable for use in high-end restaurants.

Red napkin:

Red belongs to warm tones. It is more exciting, warm, magnificent, bright and eye-catching. It looks solemn and warm and suitable for parties, banquets, birthday parties.

Green napkin:

The cold green color is often a symbol of calm and comfort, which usually gives people a fresh, energetic, upward, and vibrant feeling.


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