St. Patrick's Day

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Every year, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. This festival is to commemorate the protection of sacred Patrick in Ireland. It originated in Ireland in the late 5th century and has now become the national holiday of Ireland. With the descendants of Ireland spread all over the world, now, St. Patrick's Day Festival has gradually become a festival in some countries, especially the United States.

So why do Americans celebrate Irish holidays?

Beginning in 1737, a number of Irish gentlemen and businessmen met in Boston, Massachusetts, USA to commemorate St. Patrick, and established the Irish Charity Society. In 1780 and 1784, Philadelphia and New York established groups such as the Son of Friendship of St. Patrick. Since then, Americans have fallen in love with this festival.

On this day, people ’s clothing turned green, hats turned green, green cups, green balloons, green clover, green tableware, and even the SpongeBob in the cartoon turned green. .



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