Imperfect, but with unique charm

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Tableware is not only used to hold food, accompanied by our three meals a day, but also reflects a person's attitude to life in detail.

The simple and creative design of the dinner plate will not be overwhelming, and the exquisite and gorgeous shape design will easily cover up the brilliance of the food and make the overall look too complicated and gorgeous; while a certain degree of refinement can effectively enhance the high-level sense of simple food such as breakfast and dessert. A sense of refinement. Appropriately add some delicate small details to the simple shape.

LEKOCH's new design in 2020, the design of irregular side dishes, back to the original beauty, each line is unique, imperfect, but has a unique charm.


Simple shape, smooth and natural lines, beautiful shape, irregular edges, smooth feel. There are three kinds of fresh pastoral colors, simple and elegant, full of life, and give you more choices. With it on the table, meals become very ritual, and life changes accordingly.

At the same time, tableware uses a degradable material-bamboo fiber. We always seek a way of design and nature coexist.


Return to the true, free and easy beauty

Quiet and restrained, plain and long


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