Blue and white product introduction

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Advantages and selling points:

1.Raw materials:

High-quality bamboo fiber/ bamboo fibre: Lekoch bamboo dinnerware set is made of bamboo flour, corn starch and food-grade plant fiber. Bamboo flour is made from the highest quality, fastest-growing bamboo.


Unique color matching: Lekoch selects the current popular Klein Blue and white, the high-cold Klein Blue and pure white combine to bring visual conflict and create a unique bamboo fiber tableware.


Unique manufacturing process: Lekoch bamboo fiber tableware is made by pouring two types of bamboo fibre raw materials into a mold in a certain proportion. This unique process makes each product's color stitching position unique.


The Lekoch blue and white two set consists of two salad bowls, two cups, two salad plates and two large plates, which fully meets the daily needs of the family and can meet the daily life of the family.


LFGB and EU Certificate: Lekoch's bamboo fiber tableware has passed German food grade certification-LFGB and EU certificate. You can use this tableware to share food with your family safely and happily.


1) Easy to clean: The surface of lekoch bamboo fiber tableware is relatively smooth. You can wipe off the residue with a light wipe with dust-free paper. At the same time, the bamboo fiber tableware set can be washed in a dishwasher, but it cannot be placed in a microwave oven use. 2) Suitable for everyone: Lekoch bamboo fiber tableware includes two salad bowls, two cups, two salad plates and two large plates. Different size utensils are suitable for different members of the family. This blue and white tableware is a modern combination of Klein blue and white, suitable for people of all ages. 3) Suitable for many occasions: Lekoch bamboo fiber tableware is easy to carry and easy to clean, which is very suitable for traveling, camping or RV use. 4) Can be used as a gift: Lekoch tableware is designed according to the needs of the family, which is very suitable for families and couples. It is a good choice for home gifts. 5) Dishwasher safety: Lekoch bamboo fiber tableware can be used safely in the dishwasher, but the temperature cannot exceed 160 ℉ / 70 ℃, and the microwave oven and oven cannot be used. 6) More options: Lekoch bamboo fiber tableware can hold hot and cold food.

7, after sale

100% refund service: We promise to provide 45 days unconditional refund service for the bamboo fiber tableware we sell. Products can only be sold by our authorized store Lekoch.


1. If the tableware leaves color after use, please wash it immediately.

2. The bamboo tableware set is made of a high proportion of renewable resources, such as organic bamboo fiber, corn starch, and wood fiber (degradable material), so it is not as shatterproof as plastic materials.

3. There may be slight deviations in the pattern processing on the tableware.

4, can be used in dishwashers, but do not heat in a microwave or oven to avoid long-term high-temperature damage to bamboo fiber tableware. The maximum temperature is 160 ° F / 70 ° C.


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