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 Why Are Sea Levels Rising?

We can’t overstate this: As our world becomes warmer and warmer, our seas will continue to rise. That’s because the number one cause of sea-level rise is climate change.

Here’s the breakdown:

As humans burn fossil fuels, we add more and more greenhouse gases (like carbon dioxide) to our atmosphere. These gases trap heat sort of like a blanket (or a greenhouse — that’s why it’s called the greenhouse effect) and make our world heat up.

While our globe warms, this added heat directly fuels sea-level rise in two big ways:

* The added heat melts glaciers and ice sheets. This means extra water flowing into our oceans, making them higher than they used to be. Massive ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica – and land ice elsewhere – are weakening, breaking off, and melting. The ice melts and seas rise even more.

* Water expands as it warms. Imagine a pot of water heating on the stove. The volume of that water in the pot expands as it heats up. Now imagine the entire ocean doing that.

Why Is Sea-Level Rise Bad?

Get this: Eight of the world’s 10 largest cities are located near a coast. As sea levels rise, millions of people around the world are affected by increased coastal flooding and coastal erosion, as well as higher storm surges moving further inland.

We’re not talking about something happening in 10 years. We’re talking about something happening right now – and unless we act, the danger will only grow.

So we added our own design concepts to new 2020 environmentally friendly bamboo fiber tableware Set --- Glacier and Ocean ( White & Blue )

Blue represents the ocean,White represents glacier. White and blue collision. This design is also our response to Sea-Level Rise.

Also bamboo fiber sets made from a high proportion of bamboo fiber with a small amount of other grains, such as corn starch. The natural degradable component of bamboo fiber on the material is a perfect substitute for plastic tableware products.

What is your act ?

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