What is the fashion trend color of 2020

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As an authoritative institution known worldwide for the development and research of color in the past 20 years, Pantone Color Institute officially announced the representative color of 2020: Classic Blue


As the representative color of the new era in the 21st century, Pantone's color selection this year has also been thought through. The blue color of 2020 is not cerulean, aqua sky, blue turquoise, blue iris, nor is it serenity. It's classic blue, deeper and more familiar than its blue compatriots.


“Many of us looked at 2020 as the future, but now we’re here,” says Laurie Pressman, VP at Pantone Color Institute. “Here” is an admittedly unstable place. Social media sucks our attention and breeds anxiety. We’re so connected, yet our relationships are suffering


The classic blue is the color of the sky at dusk, and it is a strong visual symbol of a new starting point. Because it is the sky, it is also a kind of blue, and it can be seen everywhere in the world-a universal color that transcends global culture. (Blue in the sky)


According to Pantone, Classic Blue can satisfy people's desire for "a reliable and stable foundation." It stands for "non-aggressive", "easy to resonate" and "honesty".

If you observe carefully, in your surroundings, big to home decoration, small to a pen, in fact have begun to appear blue department products.

Such as blue clothes, blue notebooks, blue shoes, blue tableware, blue cups and so on.


Classic Blue is more reserved and determined quietly increase each confidence.

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