The blue like the lake

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The pure lake blue gives a sense of coolness and tranquillity. The lake blue embellishes the dining table. As long as there are one or two lake blue embellishments, refreshing memories can be stored in summer.


Life is an art, and the restaurant is also an art. The lake blue renders the atmosphere of an exotic restaurant and is a place for dining. More than a social space, exquisite tableware, elegant colors, and peaceful atmosphere together form the characteristics of the Western restaurant.


Lekoch's 10-piece set of bamboo fiber tableware for 2 designed for spring and summer uses high-quality bamboo fiber and food-grade blue mineral pigments to formulate lake blue, that is, a small amount of purple is added to blue. The lake water is very bright and full of mysterious and romantic colors. With its lightweight and practicality in the environmental protection concept, this tableware is a special decoration whether outdoors or indoors.

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