Benefits of biodegradable product Use?

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Under what circumstances is biodegradable bamboo dinnerware degradable? Biodegradable bamboo dinnerware will not degrade under normal use. When buried in soil, there will be degradation and disappearance of different levels of fiber.

 For example, if it is buried in your garden for 2 years or more, the microorganisms in the soil will help the biodegradable bamboo dinnerware to slowly degrade and eventually disappear. Under the same circumstances, ceramic, glass and other tableware will not appear this phenomenon. Ceramics and glass are products that will never be degraded. Glass can be recycled for secondary use, and ceramics can never be degraded. Current technology cannot make ceramics re-usable; each material has different degrees of pollution to the earth and cannot be recycled It is hoped that more and more products that grow fast and can be recycled or degraded are widely used in our daily consumables. At present biodegradable bamboo dinnerware is the most environmentally friendly product.


The chemical composition of bamboo fiber meaning is mainly cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin. All three belong to high glycans, the total amount of which accounts for more than 90% of the fiber dry mass, followed by protein, fat, pectin, tannin, pigment, ash, etc., most of which are located in the inner cavity of cells or special organelles, Or indirectly participate in its physiological role.

Bamboo fiber is the main substance that makes up bamboo fibril cells, and it is also of significance as a textile fiber. Bamboo fiber has different bamboo fiber content due to different bamboo ages. However, the growth rate of bamboo is the biggest treasure of human beings. I hope that in the future, science and technology can use bamboo more as a raw material.

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