LEKOCH Disposable Green Airlaid Paper Table Runners Roll Placemats Line Feel for Dining Table Cover

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Love Eco, Love Life ! LEKOCH is focusing on environmental protection, LEKOCH has always sought to design dining tableware products that coexist with the environment.The Green table runners could be...
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Love Eco, Love Life !

table runners placemats table cover
LEKOCH is focusing on environmental protection, LEKOCH has always sought to design dining tableware products that coexist with the environment.

The Green table runners could be used from casual to formal, and everything in between. Table runners can add extra design without being overwhelming. When table décor is important, sometimes table runners can add just the right amount of pattern, and design without taking over the entire dining table design and making it light when combined with china and another décor.

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- A reasonable alternative to fabric table runners: Anyone who wants a flexible and uncomplicated tabletop area but values a decorative table will find the ideal product for their needs in an eco-friendly airlaid paper table runners roll. LEKOCH produces rolls of tablecloths made from the fabric-like Airlaid, which is soft and comfortable to the touch and has a fabric-like structure - a material that is very popular in the foodservice sector.

- Table runners roll combines the benefits of airlaid paper: Airlaid paper is a Linen Feel material made from fluff pulp ( mainly wood pulp ). It's is bulky, porous and soft. It has good water absorption properties and is biodegradable.

- Adjustable length to accommodate tables of different lengths:Detail of the table runners: Width: 0.4 m, Length: 24 m, each sheet length 1.2M, can adjust the length of different tables. Table runners rolls can be shortened to the desired length, protecting the table from excessive demands in any situation. Paper table runners rolls can turn any room into a decorative haven, as the uniform table base makes the actual table decoration stand out.

- Not only is it table runners but also table placemats: With a length of 40*120 cm, placing it across the dining table, whether it is a long table or a round table, as the table placemats pattern with design will make a great impression.

- Add variety to the tables: LEKOCH offers a design collection with a wide selection of solid colors and seasonal designs to add variety to the tables. Whether it's a wedding, a banquet, a seminar, or a theme party - there's a tabletop design in the Manke collection for almost every occasion. 




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