LEKOCH 50 PCS Disposable Black Napkins with Gold Dot, Linen Feel Airlaid Decorative Hand Towel Black Napkins for Birthday Party Wedding

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LEKOCH Premium Disposable Black Dinner Napkins LEKOCH black linen napkins provide the softness and absorb-ability of a cloth napkin, and the convenience of a paper napkin. It gives restaurants an...
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LEKOCH Premium Disposable Black Dinner Napkins

LEKOCH black linen napkins provide the softness and absorb-ability of a cloth napkin, and the convenience of a paper napkin. It gives restaurants an reasonable way to provide a more sophisticated dining experience for their guests. These black napkins  are absorbent enough to be used as a disposable hand-towel to be used after washing hands. The black linen napkins are softer than traditional paper towels.

Better dining experience for your guests.


Why choose black linen napkins?

- Natural pulp is completely natural wood pulp. LEKOCHraw paper pulp can be called natural pulp. In general, it contains about 80% or more fiber.

- Airlaid napkins made from natural pulp are finer and soft with high flexibility.

- Harmless and non-toxicthe.


Lekoch black beverage napkinsare made of 100% natural wood pulp, which is the highest quality of napkins. With the 80% content of fiber, soft and cloth-like, lekoch black linen napkins have excellent resistant tearing and water absorbency.

Black napkins suitable for event planning and meals. LEKOCH black napkins are dyed by the food-grade dye. The uniform dyeing provides strong and beautiful colors that will decorate any tables! The black beverage napkins can be folded into a variety of shapes, suitable for banquets, weddings, restaurants, parties, birthday, dinner, etc. Also it's halloween napkinslinen feel disposable napkins. 

A pack of 50 black napkins, each one is folded into four. 20 cm x 20cm when folded; 40cm x40cm when unfolded.

LEKOCH black napkins are made of natural wood pulp and contain no chemical additives. Certified by Food grade test, black dinner napkins are natural and degradable, you and your guests can use them with confidence.

Your satisfaction is important to us! If there are any quality problems with our product, or if you don't like the color of the napkin, you can contact us by email. We will refund or resend the product for you

More Details:

Name: Black Napkins

Material: Airlaid (

Color: Black Napkins with Gold dots

Quantity: 50 pieces

Size: 40*40 cm Unfolded, 20*20 Folded

Style: 1/4 Fold

Attention to detail is one key factor that separates good weddings from truly great ones, and creative napkin folds for wedding are the perfect example of how the littlest details can make a major impact. While paper napkins wedding are undoubtedly a necessary part of your tabletop design, their method of display doesn't need to be standard or plain. In fact, we think it should enchance the rest of the décor choices you've made.

From elegantly decontructured folds to crisp and contemporary paper napkins at wedding designs, couples are getting more creative with these dinnertime staples.

Whatever artistic direction you choose, a thoughtful napkin fold with lekoch disposable wedding napkins that matches your wedding's style will leave a lasting impression.

For the following table scenes with paper napkins at wedding:
wedding napkin folds Pocket
wedding napkin folds with rings
wedding napkin folds with menu
wedding napkin folds with sliver  

Lekoch rustic wedding napkins are here ready to fit your various wedding napkin folds ideas.

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